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Atomic Tattoos 2010 "Tats for Tatas" October Fundraising Event to Benefit Local Breast Cancer Research

October, 2010 – Atomic Tattoos has announced the launch of their “Tats for Tatas” fundraising campaign that will take place throughout October, benefiting the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation in Florida and Southeast Regional Breast Cancer Fund in Wisconsin. In the company’s concerted efforts to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, Atomic Tattoos is offering several specials throughout the month if customers donate $5 to breast cancer awareness. All donations will go to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation and the Southeast Regional Breast Cancer Fund. The goal of these organizations is to establish a state-wide initiative to end breast cancer through advocacy, education and research.

Each of Atomic Tattoos’ fifteen Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Milwaukee locations will be offering $50 breast cancer awareness and survivor tattoos, $50 off all tattoos over $100, a $20 gift certificate and a cool Tats for Tatas sticker with every donation of $5.

“Supporting Breast Cancer research is very important to me and everyone at Atomic Tattoos,” states Atomic Tattoos CEO and Chairman, Steve Cannon. “We all know someone who has been affected by this very prevalent, deadly disease, and we want to do as much as we can to raise awareness and funds for the local breast cancer foundations in our communities.”

In just the few days that Atomic Tattoos has offered these specials, hundreds of people have already taken advantage of breast cancer awareness or survivor tattoos, in the effort to support breast cancer research. “In just the first few days of October we have averaged $250 a day in donations,” comments Cannon. Many of these people are doing so in an effort to pay tribute to Breast Cancer survivors, as well as families and friends of survivors.

“Our hopes are that Atomic Tattoos’ Tats for Tatas campaign will raise significant funds to help local Breast Cancer research,” comments Cannon. “We plan on making this an annual campaign until a cure is found for breast cancer.”

The largest and fastest growing tattoo retail brands in the country, Atomic Tattoos has been selected for the past three years as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies. Atomic Tattoos has fifteen locations throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando and Milwaukee. For more information about each of the specials offers in honor of breast cancer awareness, please visit the company’s website at

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