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Tampa Bay Based Atomic Tattoos Opens First Mall Location, Sets The Stage For National Growth

(January, 2010) TAMPA, FL – In a move symbolizing the progressive future of mall retailing, Atomic Tattoos has opened the first mall location inside Tampa’s upscale Westfield Brandon Mall.

With consumers looking for an exciting experience and malls understanding that experiential stores like Atomic Tattoos symbolize their future growth, this is the beginning of a national expansion plan that the nation’s largest experiential tattoo retailer has planned for 2010.

“Major mall corporations are realizing that to maintain an economic stronghold they must evolve with the times and be relevant to what people want,” states Steve Cannon, CEO of Atomic Tattoos. “Today people are looking for experiential retailing where they can have a full lifestyle experience from the services they receive as well as the merchandise they purchase,” Cannon concludes.

Atomic Tattoos, which was recently selected by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies, fits this bill to a tee. Visiting Westfield Brandon Mall’s Atomic Tattoos location is an experience that has had customers talking for weeks after their visit. From tattoos designed and created by some of the country’s most experienced Tattoo Artists, body piercings, permanent make-up and tattoo removal, as well as a tremendous selection of some of the most unique designer clothing, Atomic Tattoos offers a full range of experiences. This entire exciting event that consumers experience, positions Westfield Brandon Mall as differentiating itself from other area malls.

Following their recent entry into Westfield Brandon Mall, Atomic Tattoos signed a lease with the Florida Mall in Orlando and has already begun building out that space. This rapidly growing company is in conversations and negotiations with mall giants, Westfield Malls and Simon Malls to duplicate these popular stores in malls throughout the country.

“We appreciate that these larger Mall Management Companies are so forward thinking to realize that what makes them unique is offering their customers an experience that they will remember and keep them coming back many times in the future,” states Cannon.

In fact, Westfield Brandon Mall recently added two other experiential retailers, the T-Shirt Diner and the Fighter Warehouse. Both of which have become extremely popular.

Furthermore, similar experiential retailer, Apple, is located just a few doors down from Atomic Tattoos in the Westfield Brandon Mall On any given day, the two are clearly the most crowded locations throughout the entire mall. So busy in fact, that with this expansion plan in place, Atomic Tattoos’ revenue is expected to increase more than 40% in 2010, compared to an already successful 2009.

With each new location hiring approximately 12 new employees, this growth pattern is poised to benefit the local economy.

Atomic Tattoos was founded in October 2001 by dedicated tattooing and piercing professionals with more than 40 years of combined industry experience. Atomic Tattoos has fourteen locations throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando and Milwaukee. For more information about Atomic Tattoos, please visit the company’s website at

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