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First, this is not some tattoo school scam that promises to teach you to tattoo or pierce in a few weeks.

You cannot learn to tattoo or pierce properly in a few weeks.  You cannot even learn to tattoo or pierce in a few months.

Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you and stealing your money.

A proper comprehensive training program takes years.

Second, this is not some lame unstructured apprenticeship where you sit around tracing and doing slave work for two years and then learn nothing and get ripped off for your hard earned money.

You cannot learn to tattoo by tracing, watching and cleaning toilets.

You cannot learn to body pierce by answering phones and mopping floors.

Don't get us wrong, in our program, you will answer a lot of phone calls, sweep and mop a lot of floors and clean a lot of toilets among other fun stuff.

The difference is the Atomic Tattoos Apprenticeship Program is the real deal.

There is no other apprenticeship program like it in the world.

There is no other apprenticeship program that is more comprehensive.

There is no other apprenticeship program that results in such a high rate of success at producing competent and qualified tattooing and body piercing professionals.

If you are interested, please familiarize yourself with the following acceptance qualifications.

  1. You must be 18 years of age.
  2. You must be employed.
  3. You must have a stable living situation and housing.
  4. You must have your own reliable transportation.
  5. You must be able to commit to a 2-year program.
  6. You must be able to commit to working for Atomic Tattoos for a minimum of 5 years post-graduation.
  7. Acceptance into the program is based on an in-person interview.
  8. We do not guarantee that everyone will be accepted.

Remember, while the Atomic Tattoos Apprenticeship Program is demanding, it is also the most comprehensive tattoo and body piercing apprenticeship program in the world.

You will learn things most tattoo artists and body piercing technicians either never learn or take them years of trial and error to discover.  

You will have the highest chance at being successful in your career as a tattoo artist or body piercing tecnhician.

You will have job placement and advancement opportunities at Atomic Tattoos.

Use the below form to apply for either the tattoo or body piercing apprenticeship.

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