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Tats for Tatas!

Tats for Tatas for Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit

Donate $5 and get all of this!

Free Tats for Tatas Bracelet!

$50 Off Tattoos!

$50 Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoos!

$20 Tats for Tatas Gift Voucher Card!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what better way to raise awareness and support for a good cause than by getting a tattoo or body piercing! 


Sarasota Square Mall Now Open!

Come check out our newest location!

Located between Costco and the Food Court!

Stop in and check out our awesome Artists!

Stop in and check out our amazing Piercers!





Atomic Ybor and Chopper in the News

Check out Chopper in the News!

Filmed at Atomic Tattoos Ybor!

ABC Action News Coverage!

Millenials and Body Art in the Workplace!



What the Puck?

Who will win the 2015 Stanley Cup?

Johnny and Cody think they know!

They tattooed the winning team logo on each other!

Before the final match!

Would you?

Find out who got which logo now! 


Semicolon Tattoos & Deidre Zinn

Check out Deidre Zinn on ABC News!

Why are people getting semicolons?

Learn more about them!

Check out Deidre's tattoo portfolio!



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