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I’m a tattooer of over 20 some years, I like to say I’m a jack of all trades, I like to do it all but my forte is black n’ grey, love to do it. I also spend 10 years on the island of Oahu Hawaii where I learned how to do Polynesian tattoo, I enjoy doing it and every piece I do is one of a kind, drawn right on your skin so no google images. Lol
My career started in NYC where I worked few street shops and gain a lot of experience, then I was able to move on to more of a custome shops until I opened my own shop back in Hawaii call “I Ink Tattoo Studio” were I got to do a lot of military folks, moved back to Florida and joined the Atomic tattoo Army and here we are, come check me out at the Dr. Phillips location, be happy to help you!!!

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8972 Turkey Lake Rd. Ste A-300
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Jocko Webb

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