Tattoos by Evangelyn

by Evangelyn McNeal . Updated: 1 year ago

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Cherry Blossoms on shoulder
Sunflowers on shoulder blade
Added Roses on top of shoulder to text
Red Roses and Roman Numerals on hip and rib-cage
Black and Grey Rose on inner arm
Morning Glories on foot
Water-color Canary with Cherry Blossoms
Custom Phoenix on bicep
Custom Phoenix Feather with butterfly silhouettes on hip
Black and Grey feather with text on shoulder blade
Dinosaur with toast on rib cage
Friday the !3th Jason Mask on foot
Halloween Micheal Myers's Mask on foot
Carpe Manana (Seize Tomorrow) on foot - custom text
Text on hip
Text on inner bicep
Custom text on neck
Monarch Butterfly with text on shoulder blade
Uranus above elbow
Date below side on hand
Text inside fingers
S behind ear
Boxer portrait with text on calf
Custom Octopus on arm
Monkey with name and date on calf
Custom rabbit added to small heart on ankle
Black and Grey tree with crows on bicep
Text on foot
Trinity symbol on foot
Fish hook on foot
Cherry Blossoms on foot with dragon fly on toe
Sun and Moon on foot
American Traditional bomb with text on calf
Custom Fairy on forearm
Custom pumpkins on ankle
Shark illustration on forearm
Aztec Snake on arm
Camera shutter on elbow
Stars and swirls on hip
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