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In the early fall of 1979, off the coast of the Atlantic I was found on an abandoned sea vessel. Since then I have been raging up and down the eastern seaboard, the mid-west and Europe. I am half Greek and all American, . I am on the level, and have walked the hot sands. S.M.I.B
I've been involved with the tattoo industry for almost 20 years, it started when I was hired with Prick Magazine,Working for a tattoo magazine fueled the fire I needed to become an artist. So started I my apprenticeship under Glenn Harding at Studio 27 in 2001, but under much distress Mr. Harding left the state and it was left upon Frank Cubbage, who finished my apprenticeship in August of 2005. So after 4 years I finally achieved my goal of becoming a tattoo artist. The last 13 years have been at various shops in Florida, Georgia, New York and Texas, but my eagle landed at Atomic Tattoos in 2006 . The one thing my apprenticeship taught me was patience. I have a great deal of respect for the craft.

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27001 US Hwy 19 N Store #1073
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Tommy Johnson

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